"It's nice to see how much passion and dedication Oliver Selbach Tennis School puts into tennis training. Professionalism paired Professionalism combined with love for the game!


Oliver Selbach, PTR member since 1983 and PTR Professional 5A, has been named PTR Pro / Coach of the year 2015 by Headquarter.


Since 2000 we are one of the leading tennis schools. "There are about 11.000 tennis clubs in Germany" but only 65 tennis schools recognized by DTB"

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National League

2015 German Team Champion Women | 2016, 2015, 2014 German Team Champion Men 30

"Pedagogical skill and psychological empathy ensure high quality training."

About us

You don't just get any tennis training, we develop with you our individual training program: "unlimited tennis". This individuality enables a more intensive training, success can be achieved faster. In our modern and consistent training, you will be supported and competently looked after by us at every performance level and at every age. For each training participant the personal development is in the foreground and not a level. The way to tennis is not prefabricated, but we bring you on your personal way: game, set & match. Through our varied training, you, your family and friends will experience a new joy in tennis. We enable you to continuously achieve your new goal and thus increase your self-confidence in the match and your motivation for personal peak performance. With all our ambition, we make sure that the fun always remains. Constantly on the most current advanced training level in connection with our experience of many years we make possible for you a flexible and personal training with high psychological and physical efficiency. In conjunction with all tennis-specific areas, we are always on the ball to guarantee you professional training.Translated with

"Olli Selbach has been one of the most innovative trainers for years. Further education and training underline the high standard of the tennis school!

Coaching Team



"With my help, through highly professional and individual coaching, you will gain mental strength and bring your play performance to its peak."

PTR Germany Pro/Coach 2015 | German Women Team Champion 2015 | German Men 30 Team Champions 2014, 2015 and 2016 | DTB, VDT and TBV Licensed Tennis Instructor | USTA and PTR Professional Coach | Personal Trainer (VWA) | Sports and Fitness Management Assistant (VWA) | PTR Workshop Coordinator | ERSA Licensed String for Racquets | Babolat Pro Coach



"My goal is that everyone can realize their personal sporting ideas. Training successfully together".

DTB C-Trainer | PTR Workshop | Babolat Coach



"I supervise and train all age and performance classes. With me you can individually achieve your personal peak performance in the areas of technique, coordination, physical fitness and mental strength. I look forward to your visit to the DTS training ground."

DTB B coach | State certified tennis instructor | Men 30 Bundesliga players | Tournament coaching with P. Torebko | Babolat coach



"I want to share my experiences from the WTA Tour and work to professional and modern standards. Through motivation and good work it is my goal is to achieve, through motivation and hard work, the individual".

USPTA License | PTR Certified Coach | German Vice Champion 2009 | German Team Champion 2015 | 4 ITF Single and 9 ITF Double Titles | WTA Single High: 266 | WTA Doubles High: 91

Ralf Otto


"Through highly professional, individual coaching, with me you will gain mental strength and your personal, playful peak performance."

state-certified tennis instructor

Felix Kanter


No matter if leisure time or active team player, the way is the goal. By working out individual goals together, everyone can achieve his or her goal.

state-certified tennis instructor | DTB B-Trainer

Alexander Schneider

athletics coach

Through many years of experience in my own sport ice hockey in the high performance and professional area and my activity as an athletics coach, it is my pleasure to accompany and support through my vast experience as a professional hockey player and as athletic coach  young athletes. I gladly accept the challenge!!

Athletics Trainer, Personal Trainer | Bootcamp Trainer |licensed DSSV Fitness Trainer

Olli Selbach brought me to a level that I never thought I could ever reach.


Our camps take place during the Easter and summer holidays. For further information please use our Form

"Hello Mr. Selbach,
I picked up a very happy boy from the tennis camp today and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you. All the coaches have taken care of taken care of him. ... He has hardly any tournament experience and usually plays with children known to him. It was the first time he ever took part in a camp, let alone ... with coaches and children he didn’t knew before. After an injury ... he has only been playing regularly again for one and a half years ... I hoped to strengthen his self-confidence by letting him jump into the cold water. I have the confidence it worked out well. He liked all the coaches and got on well with the children. He liked to go to camp every morning. I especially thank the coaches for that! ... is overjoyed with his trophy (his first ever) and is already looking forward to the next tennis camp! once again:

Thank you very much and warm regards, ...".


For more than 25 years, we have been sustainably promoting through interesting, varied and technical-oriented training program, the foundation for a successful training for children and young people. Since tennis has developed into an athletic sport, our goal is to keep all the factors,  strength, speed, endurance, coordination, mobility in the right balance. The annual successes at the city, district and association championships, both in the individual and in the team competitions, mirrors the result of our complex Training with our "juniors".

Olli thought me how to coach myself in the match and to read the game. That helps to stay calm but focused even in a pressure situation.


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